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Instagram Tales Now Lets You Create Movies Longer Than 15-Second Restrict, However in A number of Segments

Instagram Stories Now Lets You Create Videos Longer Than 15-Second Limit, But in Multiple Segments

Instagram Stories, the feature that is essentially inspired by Snapchat and is designed to share what you're doing with your followers, has been updated with an ability to automatically segment clips. With the latest change, you can create clips multiple clips from the Instagram app that can be shared as a story longer than the 15-second limit. The new update comes months after Instagram announced the arrival of ads on Instagram Stories. There is also a Questions sticker that recently debuted to let Instagram users ask questions to their followers directly from a story.

To begin with the new feature and create long Instagram Stories longer, all you need to do is to tap the Your Story icon and then press and hold the record button from the bottom-centre for as long as you want to record a moment – without worrying about the 15-second limit. The app will automatically create segments of your story to let you share a creation of more than 15 seconds. You can then proceed with the segmented Instagram story by hitting the Next button. The segmented story can be shared with all your followers or to a dedicated group or with an individual Instagram user. It is worth noting here that while the fresh change allows you to share Instagram Stories longer than the original limit, each of the segments the app creates is still 15 seconds long. Instagram also adds a subtle transition effect between the segments.

As spotted by a Reddit user, the subsequent parts of the story that comes in the form of segments don't retain the text from the first segment. The feature is also not yet available to all Instagram users. We were able to spot its presence on one of our Android Oreo devices, though it wasn't available on a couple of iOS devices. This suggests that Instagram is currently rolling out the new change in phases. Meanwhile, you should install the latest Instagram version on your device.

The new feature certainly expands Instagram Stories as it lets users natively create multiple clips with a single press. Having said that, Instagram was previously allowing users to upload videos of longer than the 15-second limit, but that were split into multiple segments in a way similar to the newest change.

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